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Finance charges on my credit card

Oooops, I forgot to pay for my credit card bill this month. Maybe because of the long vacation and another long weekend again, now I’m worried about the finance charges. I’ve always been a good payer, I love my BPI credit cards and I’ve been using it for 5 years already even if other banks lured me to their credit card offers. Why I’m worried about the finance charges, it’s because I’ve used it quite often since January. Blame it on my impulse buys at Etude House, online purchases at Amazon and Cebu Pacific’s seat sale. I only use my credit card whenever I’m doing the grocery, just so I can avail of their perks such as free Jollibee or Chowking meals, but this year, I went like a mad swiper. Do you think I’m doomed with a hefty finance charge?

I tried reading on how to compute finance charges but all the websites only put me in a daze. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the next billing statement huh? I might as well look for other credit cards for bad credit, if there’s such a thing here in the Philippines. For all I know, banks here in the Philippines do a thorough investigation before approving people to have credit cards. In other countries, they really have 鹤岗楼房已成白菜价?回应:非在售商品房 交易有风险.

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If you want more tips on how to use credit card wisely, read my previous post about 华夏幸福产业新城模式再创新:联手央企 个性订制.


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    sis, thanks for sponsoring my contest…i’ll keep u updated 😉
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  2. call them up and ask if they can perhaps give you a one-time courtesy to have the late fee waived. normally they give in naman if you ask nicely. hehe
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  4. I surrendered my credit card, takot akon’g di makabayad..
    BTW: added na kita sa aking blogroll..
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  5. My BF uses his points to pay for the annual fee, his CC is with Metrobank, maybe BPI does that too? 😉
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  6. compared with other credit card companies, BPI is more considerate. it’s very transparent with its charges and considerate, too. plus, they have the coolest promos/rewards. worry more if it’s C because they charge really big finance charges, well, according to my friends. i wonder how they compute it, though. haha.
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  7. I’m considering having a BPI or a BDO credit card to facilitate cashless transaction. But there’s this big question in my mind. Will I incur finance charges if I pay before or on due date? Another, how much is the total interest incurred for every cash advance transaction?
    Some help, please?


    Badet Reply:

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    Miko Reply:

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    Thank you.



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